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I’ve read this twice now, once for a graduate class in the history of science, and once because I didn’t really understand or appreciate it the first time. I have friends who tell me this is one of the great Science Fiction book written in the “Cyber-punk” genre and so I decided to give it another go. The first comments below were written after my second reading.

Dec 2013 re-reading:

Since I had so much trouble with this the first time I decided to give it another go. I was able to understand what was going on much better this time and found myself enjoying it more as I went along. I think my problem with it the first time (a problem I still have), is that I read mostly non-fiction. The writing style here is so foreign to anything else I am likely to read that I had a lot of trouble understanding much of it. The clipped references, the lack of direct explanations for terms and concepts, and the often sudden transition between what was real and what was “cyber” really threw me for a loop sometimes. I still think I am missing some of the subtleties in it but I think I have a good sense of the “world” Gibson was trying to portray!

Would be cool to see what could be done with this as a movie

Original review:

Someday someone will have to explain this book to me. I read this for a class I took and although I didn’t particularly enjoy it I recognize its importance so gave it a higher rank. If anyone out there is a fan perhaps you could explain some of the subtleties I’m sure I missed!!!

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